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Judging: Judging Guidelines and Processes

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Congratulations to your team for earning a spot at the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship, presented by the Northrop Grumman Foundation! 

To be considered for judged awards, teams must follow the guidelines and processes described here.  Please continue reading, and follow the links provided, to ensure that your team is fully prepared for the judging process.  

General Information

To be considered for judged awards teams must sign up for, and complete, a remote (online) Initial Team Judged Interview. There will be no in-person initial team judged interviews at the event.  Engineering Notebooks are to be submitted digitally.  Not all judged awards require an Engineering Notebook.  All teams who have qualified for the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship are eligible to submit a digital Engineering Notebook link and are eligible to receive a remote Initial Judged Team Interview.  

All judging will be consistent with the general judging guidelines found in the REC Foundation Guide to Judging.

Initial Team Interviews - Process, Information, and Scheduling

Initial Team Judged Interviews

  • Will be conducted via Zoom beginning February 26, 2024 through early April 2024
  • Will be a 30-minute time slot within a user-selectable 3-hour time block by the team’s Primary Contact in their RobotEvents.com account (more information below). 
  • Dates and times made available for selection by Team Contact will be determined by the team’s date of invitation to the event, NOT the date of the team’s registration for the event. Teams that are unsure of whether or not they will accept their invitation should sign up for an interview - teams that decide later may not be able to be accommodated.
  • Deadline for signing up for a remote team interview is SIX DAYS (exactly 144 hours) from the timestamp of the team’s invitation to the event.
  • Will require an adult to be visible with the team at all times. The adult may not participate in the interview. VEX U teams, due to their age range, do not need a separate designated adult. An adult can be either the primary or secondary contact for the team, or a designated responsible adult. 
  • Will be conducted in question/answer format, following an online rubric based on the Team Interview Rubric that is found in the Guide to Judging. Interview questions are provided below.
  • May not be a presentation in any form such as a rehearsed speech, a slide show, a presentation of videos or photos, or the like. Teams may have their robot and/or a printed copy of their Engineering Notebook available to show judges, if they want – this is optional.
  • May NOT be recorded in any form by any party!
  • Teams arriving late to their remote interviews may lose interview time or forfeit the interview entirely.  Please be on time. Missed interviews cannot be rescheduled. 

Scheduling Initial Team Interview

Engineering Notebooks

  • Will be judged remotely (online) by a panel of notebook judges, following an online rubric based on the Engineering Notebook Rubric found in the Guide to Judging.
  • Must be submitted via a link to where the notebook can be accessed remotely by the judges, in accordance with the Guide to Judging:
  • Must have sharing settings enabled that do not require login credentials to view.  Suggestion: Have someone outside your organization test the link to assure it will work, prior to uploading it to RobotEvents.com.
  • Ensure that the link is to a SINGLE FILE (not to a folder with multiple files) with notebook contents to be judged for a single team.
  • Deadline for submission of the team’s Digital Engineering Notebook link is SIX DAYS (144 hours) from the date of the team’s invitation to the event.
  • Submission of a Digital Engineering Notebook link is required to be eligible for the Excellence, Design, and Innovate Awards.
  • For the Innovate Award, teams must fill out the appropriate fields in the Digital Engineering Notebook submission form on RobotEvents, as linked above.
  • For multiple teams from the same organization, a unique link must be submitted for EACH team’s notebook.

In-Person Follow Up Interviews and Final Deliberations

  • In-person Judges will conduct interviews of teams as needed to facilitate the final deliberations for judged awards.  These interviews will take place in the team’s pit area at the World Championship events.  
  • On-field performance and team conduct at the event will be assessed to assist during final deliberations for judged awards.

Judged Awards Offered at the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship

Please visit RobotEvents.com and click the Awards tab of the respective 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship Event to see the list of the awards being offered at that event. 

IMPORTANT! The team’s Primary and Secondary Team Contacts as registered at RobotEvents.com may receive emails with important information regarding judging and other aspects of the VEX Robotics World Championship. It is important that Team Contacts communicate with each other to ensure that important information is shared with appropriate coaches or mentors and that the team’s submissions and deadlines are met. It is recommended that among the team contacts, one person is delegated as primarily responsible for managing the tasks and information for the team interview scheduling and Digital Engineering Notebook link submission.

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