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All deadlines and dates are listed in Central Time Zone (Dallas, Texas time zone) of the calendar year 2024.

Deadlines are based on the date that the team’s invitation for the World Championship was issued, not on the date the team registers for the event. If you receive an invitation but are unsure whether your team will register, you may submit the notebook link and sign up for an interview time before your team has registered. If subsequently your team does not register, send an email with your name, email address, program (VIQRC, VRC, VEX U) and your team number/letter with a brief explanation to judging@recf.org and your interview time will be canceled. 

Choose carefully!  Once the interview time block is selected and 24 hours have passed, and/or the sign-up window for remote interviews has closed, interview time blocks may not be changed without approval from REC Foundation Judging Staff. If a Team Contact has multiple teams who will be interviewed, a separate sign up  must be completed for EACH team.  If there are extenuating circumstances and a change to an interview block needs to be made, those requests should be sent to judging@recf.org, and are not guaranteed.

Deadlines for your team to submit their Digital Engineering Notebook links and to select their interview time slot are based on the date the invitation for the VEX Robotics World Championship was issued: 

Deadline for Teams Scheduling Interview: Teams have 6 days, which is exactly 144 hours, from the timestamp of invitation to schedule an interview.

WeekDate of team’s Invitation to World ChampionshipTime frame for team to Schedule InterviewDEN Link Submission DeadlineJudging time frame
Week 1Prior to 2/13/20246 days (exactly 144 hours) from the timestamp of the invitation.2/19/20242/26/2024 - 3/3/2024
Week 22/14/2024 - 2/20/20246 days (exactly 144 hours) from the timestamp of the invitation.2/26/20243/4/2024 - 3/10/2024
Week 32/21/2024 - 2/27/20246 days (exactly 144 hours) from the timestamp of the invitation.3/4/20243/11/2024 - 3/17/2024
Week 42/28/2024 - 3/6/20246 days (exactly 144 hours) from the timestamp of the invitation.3/12/20243/18/2024 - 3/24/2024
Week 53/7/2024 - 3/13/20246 days (exactly 144 hours) from the timestamp of the invitation.3/19/20243/25/2024 - 3/31/2024
Week 63/14/2024 - 3/20/20246 days (exactly 144 hours) from the timestamp of the invitation.3/26/20244/1/2024 - 4/7/2024
Week 73/21/2024 - 4/2/20246 days (exactly 144 hours) from the timestamp of the invitation.4/7/20244/1/2024 - 4/7/2024
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