VEX Robotics World Championship | competition

Fast Pass


Fast passes will be offered to volunteers that sign up and volunteer during the VEX Robotics World Championship. Start earning fast passes for your team now.

Where to Use a Fast Pass (One time use - Skills OR Fine Designs Apparel Store):

  • Skills
  • Fine Designs Apparel Store 

How to Earn a Fast Pass:

  • Before the championship - each team whose volunteers complete 9+ hours (minimum of three (3) 3-hour shifts) of remote judging will earn a Fast Pass
    • These 3 shifts can be completed by a single individual, or be divided among 2 individuals.
    • Passes earned for remote judging will be picked up during the VEX Robotics World Championship at Pit Admin
    • Our remote judging team will reach out to the remote volunteer that has the requisite number of hours to ask which team they want their fast pass to be assigned to
  • In person at the VEX Robotics World Championship - each volunteer that volunteers for a FULL DAY of volunteering will earn a fast pass for their team
    • Passes earned for on-site volunteering (during the VEX Robotics World Championship) can be picked from the volunteer's Division Manager, or area manager if in a booth, once the full day shift has been completed

Limits on Fast Pass:

  • Fast Pass can only be used once for Skills OR Fine Designs Apparel
  • Fast pass for Fine Designs will be limited to the the following:
    • Fast Pass can only be used once for Fine Design
    • You may purchase only 5 apparel items total from the fast lane
    • Each apparel item will be allowed to have one logo/design placed on the front of each item
    • Teams must go to the customer service line to utilize the fast pass
    • Teams are responsible to pay for the apparel they select
  • Fast passes are awarded to a specific team, must be turned in at time of use, are non-transferable, cannot be used again and hold no cash value.
  • Fast passes are physical passes, no digital passes are allowed/authorized or will be handed out
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