Team FAQ | VEX Worlds 2024


Where can I find First-aid at the event?

For teams/coaches/spectators, KBHCC has multiple locations for First Aid, please see first aid and safety zone location maps for exact details:

  • Arena First Aid Room is located on the second level concourse of the Arena
  • A Ballrooms, Meeting Rooms A and the Theater are covered from the Arena first aid room
  • B, C and D Area First Aid Room located in the first level C area next to meeting room C150. Halls B, C, D, C Ballrooms & all first level C meeting rooms are covered from this location
  • E and F Area First Aid Room located by the practice fields in Lobby F in the front of F Exhibit Hall
  • Medical staff will be stationed in Room D221 for medical assistance

Are tickets required for the opening and closing ceremonies?

YES - Tickets are required for those attending both Opening and Closing Ceremonies/Finals in the Arena.

Each team will be allocated nine (9) tickets for Opening Ceremonies and Finals that they may pick up with their other materials at Team Check-In, located in Hall B. If you receive more tickets than you need, please return the extras to pit admin where teams can request extras if needed - on a first come, first served basis.

The Opening and Closing ceremonies are streaming to the Divisions in all the exhibit halls if you prefer not to watch from the Arena or if your team does not have enough tickets.

Will the event be webcast and where can the webcast be found?

For event broadcasts and live results from the VEX Robotics World Championship, visit VEX TV.

Will there be a mobile app for the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship?

Yes! You can download the VEX Worlds app from the Apple Store or Google play:

Google Play

Apple Store

Is there a dress code for VEX Robotics World Championship?

Students should consult with their team mentor or coach. All attendees must wear closed-toe and heel shoes during the event. No roller shoes with wheels, such as Heelys, are permitted in the venue. Attendees are reminded to dress comfortably and appropriately and to avoid loose hanging clothes or hair if they are going to work with robots or tools in the team pit area. All students participating in matches must wear safety glasses. If any questionable items are worn to this event, please be advised that the event staff may ask the attendee to remove or alter their attire.

Are volunteers still being accepted for the VEX Robotics World Championship?

Yes! Interested individuals should visit the REC Foundation Volunteer site to sign up. If you have team members or adults on site who would like to volunteer at any time during the week, please see the Volunteer Registration Desk in the Kay Bailey lobby.

Note: A typical volunteer shift is 4-8 hours.

Will apparel be available for sale online?

Check back soon for information about online apparel sales from Fine Designs for the VEX Robotics World Championship.

Can teams bring additional spectators to the event?

Yes! The VEX Robotics World Championship is free and open to the public. This lively and engaging event is suitable for the entire family.

Spectator Check-in:

Spectators will need to check in for the event. Check-in for spectators will open on April 21, 2024, at After checking in, spectators should go to Spectator Check-In in Lobby D to get their wristbands for entrance into the halls/arena.

Once checked-in, spectators are welcome to attend the ceremonies, watch matches, and visit with teams in the pit area.

We have a team member that needs special accommodations. Who do I contact to ensure their needs are met?

Please use the form located here to request accommodations for team members with disabilities. All accommodation requests must be made by March 27, 2024.

How will badging be handled this year?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about badging during the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship:

Will I receive a badge to wear during the event this year?
No badges will be distributed this year. Instead, a yellow wristband must be worn throughout the event.

Do I need to wear my wristband at all times at the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship?
Yes. Due to tightened security measures, each team member will be required to have a bright yellow VEX Worlds wristband on at all times to access the pits, divisions, skills, and arena.

I am on an International team or traveling from Hawaii or Alaska. Where should I pick up my badge?
ALL teams should pick up their wristbands and swag in Hall B at team check-in.

Teams will still need to check in online via at prior to the event in order to confirm attendance.

NOTE: Only the team coach needs to come to team check in to pick up wristbands and swag for the team.

How will I receive my wristband?
Wristbands and parking passes will be picked up at team check in, located in Hall B.

Each team will receive one parking pass for Lot E. No additional parking passes are available
through RECF.

Will signature be required?
Coaches are required to sign for wristbands, parking passes, and team swag at team check in, located in Hall B.

What is the process for "signing up" for team wristbands?
Teams sign up for their wristbands by using the online check in feature for the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship on

Should spectators/guests be included on the list, or will they have a separate registration process?
Spectators and guests are treated separately from teams. Spectators should check in at spectator check in Lobby D when they arrive at the event.

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