We need passionate volunteers like you to power the vex robotics world championship!

Whether you participate solo or with a group of friends, family, or coworkers, you’ll make a huge impact on students’ lives as they pursue their STEM dreams. Volunteering for the VEX Robotics World Championship is a fun and exciting opportunity to get to know the robotics community!

Interested in Volunteering at the VEX Robotics World Championship?

Head over to the Volunteer Management site for details and to sign up!

Volunteer Opportunities

Judging – In Person in Dallas, Texas

Anyone can be a Judge, and no engineering experience is necessary. You will simply be assigned to judge a non-technical aspect of the competition if you are not familiar with robotics.

This role is interactive and inspirational, as Judges get to interact with students and teams and view their work.


Every robot is unique! This role is enjoyed by detail-oriented people.

Inspectors follow a checklist to make sure that the competition robots are compliant with all the rules (adults only, and training is quick and easy).

Practice Field Official

Practice makes perfect!

As a practice field official you’ll make sure that every team has access to practice time as they prepare for their matches.


VEX Worlds is BIG, and that means getting students and their robots organized.

This is an easy role that gets you near the action where the student teams are competing, ensuring that everyone is in the right place at the right time for competition matches. This is a great family role, as parents can Queue while kids do Field Reset in the same area.

VEX Tournament Manager Operator

Drivers in 3.. 2.. 1.. Go!

Tournament Manager Operators use the TM software to signal the start of a match and record scores. You’ll also coordinate with the Emcee to make sure that scores are displayed appropriately.

*This role requires previous TM experience.

Field Reset

If you want to bring your kids, you can all volunteer together, provided that spots are still available.

Even younger kids enjoy Field Reset. They set up the scoring objects on the field after the team finishes their match, using a simple diagram as reference.

Scorekeeper Referee

Get hands on regarding the nuts and bolts of competitive play as a Scorekeeper Referee.

Referees use the Tournament Manager app to start and stop the timer and record/verify scores during VEX Worlds.


We bring in teams from around world to compete in the world’s largest robotics competition, VEX Worlds 2023! We need interpreters to help support the event staff and teams with communication. Mandarin and Spanish interpreters are in high demand; other languages may be needed.

Group Volunteers

Would you and your peers/co-workers like to be a part of the largest robotics event in the world? Group volunteers are not only welcome but a necessity to make this event a success. Join our volunteer team, get inspired, and have fun! If your company or organization is looking for a great way to make a difference and create a team-building experience that is mutually beneficial, please contact: volunteer@recf.org.


Please email volunteer@recf.org with any questions.

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