VEX Robotics World Championship | venue

Pit Areas


Please review the following policies regarding pit areas at the VEX Robotics World Championship. Pits are located in Hall F.

New for 2024: As VIQRC ES and MS have been combined into one event, pits will be assigned to teams in numerical order as they register. There will be no designated area for ES or MS teams and they will share the overall pit area in Hall F.

Note: To see locations, check back prior to the VEX Robotics World Championship for event map.

  1. Dimensions – Pit areas are 8' x 8'. That includes a 6'x30" table and two chairs.
  2. Fire Safety – Pit areas cannot extend into the aisles due to Fire Marshall regulations.
  3. Visibility – Pit areas must be visible from the sides and top (no total enclosures, so that the inside of the pit area is not visible).
  4. Pipe and Drape Framework – Teams may not disassemble the pipe and drape framework or draping fabric. Removing the framework may degrade the structural integrity and be a safety hazard. Draping may not be pushed to the side or the end of piping.
  5. Decorations – Pit decorations are encouraged but should be consistent with the REC Foundation Code of Conduct. No floating balloons or fog machines are allowed in the pits/building due to fire Marshall code.
  6. Fields – Fields are allowed to be set up in the pit area as long as they stay within the 8' x 8' pit area.
  7. Height – Pit areas cannot exceed the top of the pipe and drape.
  8. Cleanliness – Teams should be considerate and keep their pits cleaned and organized to ensure a safe working environment.
  9. Power – A power drop is available in each pit.
  10. Clean Up - Following the event, you are required to clean up your pit area and leave it as it was when you arrived.
  11. Pit Signage - Participants may take their team sign at their pit when they depart.
  12. Pit Access - Pits may be accessed via ramp for ease of transportation and ADA purposes.
  13. Security - Pits are open to the public and not secure. Please be mindful of your belongings.
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