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Q: We just learned that one of our teammates can’t make the interview. Are we allowed to reschedule our interview time?

A: Teams should make every effort to have all team members present, but sometimes that is not possible. Team members should be prepared to speak on behalf of teammates who are not present for the interview time - rescheduling is not routinely possible.

Q: We have some of our team in one location, and others in separate locations. Do we all need to be on the same webcam for the interview:

A: A team can call in from one location for their interview, or have multiple team members log in separately.

Q: I have multiple teams being interviewed. Can I change which team is attending which time slot?

A: Please email judging@recf.org to explain this situation in advance. 

Q: When will we learn if we have been selected for another round of interviews?

A: Teams will be interviewed on an as-needed basis in person at the World Championship - there will be no advanced notice of this.

Q: My team got an earlier interview time / Engineering Notebook submission time than other teams. Are we at a disadvantage in the Judging Process?

A: No. The World Championship remote judging process is designed to treat all teams fairly.  One interview time or another will not advantage or disadvantage a team one way or the other - the same with Engineering Notebook entries.

Q: Can we show our robot and/or refer to our Engineering Notebook during our interview?

A: Having the robot and/or the notebook at the interview is allowed, however, it is important that the interview not become a prepared recitation of notebook contents, for example. 

Q: Some team members are not as comfortable with the online format as others and/or are not comfortable speaking in general.  Will that adversely affect the outcome of our interview?

A: It is a best practice for teams to practice their interviewing skills by conducting  mock interviews with trusted adults.  This will help all team members be as comfortable as possible with the interview process.  The World Championship questions and the Guide to Judging resources are available to teams to heighten their comfort level for all team members.

Q: Our teams requires a language translator or ASL interpreter - how do we let the Judges know?

A: A part of the survey teams will fill out when selecting an interview time asks whether or not a language translator or ASL interpreter is needed by the team.

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