The Heart and Soul of VEX Competitions

Event volunteers are the heart and soul of VEX competitions. We rely on Referees to keep things fair, Emcees to keep things exciting, and Queuers to keep things on schedule! Volunteering at a VEX competition is easy to learn, fun to do, and rewarding for everyone involved. Use the links below to find a local event near you or sign up to volunteer at the VEX World Championship today!

Still have questions? Email our volunteer team for assistance.

Volunteer Roles

There are many roles available at a VEX Robotics event. This article provides a brief summary of each role.

Volunteer Roles


In order to prepare for your volunteer role, please select a program tab below, and click on your volunteer position to view role guides, check-lists, training materials, and additional resources in order to prepare for your event. 

Volunteer Resources
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