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VEX AI Robotics Competition

VEX GPS, VEX LINK, and AI Vision System, and the resulting Sensor Fusion create an opportunity for students to take their autonomous robots a level up! The VEX AI Robotics Competition pushes the boundaries of robotics competitions. The game is separate from the V5RC and VURC competitions.

Here's How it Works

  • Two Robots per Team – Each team brings two robots that they design and build to work as a team.
  • Parts – Teams can 3D print and machine parts. Teams can use custom electronics, and there are no motor quantity limits.
  • Grade-level – This game will be open to High School students and College students alike.
  • Registration – Season registration is $200 for the first team and $150 for each additional team within the same organization.
  • Hardware – The hardware kit needed to run VEX GPS, VEX LINK, an AI Vision System, and Sensor Fusion Map is available for purchase from VEX, SKU 276-8983.


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Season Timeline

  • October – Season Opens for Team Registration
  • November, 2023 - April, 2024 – Qualifying Events
  • June 7-8, 2024 – VEX AI Robotics Competition Championship

It's time to Level Up your skills!

Mechanical Engineering

Design and program two robots that need to work together to complete the VEX challenge
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Electrical Engineering

Implement custom robot sensors and circuits
➥ Learn More

Computer Science

Convert your driver skills, your offense and defense, and game strategy into code.
➥ Learn More
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