Event Partners

Event Partners are the Core of Our Competition Programs

Event Partners' passion and involvement grows and sustains events and in many cases even the teams who attend. The role of an EP is to coordinate a group of volunteers that organizes tournaments, leagues, scrimmages, and workshops. The key tasks are date and site selection, maintaining a budget, volunteer recruiting and management, volunteer training, team communication, event execution, results, and follow-up.

Commitment to Event Excellence

The common goal of the REC Foundation and Event Partners is providing teams with quality and uniform competition experiences throughout our programs.

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Everything an Event Partner needs to plan a successful VEX competition contained here. These pages cover all aspects of running an event from listing it on RobotEvents.com to posting the winners. Event Partners should read through these carefully and contact their REC Foundation Manager with any questions.

Best wishes for a great event!

EP Resources

More Information

Event Partner Summit
TM Support
Event Partner Summit
The 2023 Event Partner Summit was held on July 11-12, at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan.
Latest Event Partner Updates

Stay up to date with the latest EP Updates, an archive of the REC Foundation's periodic email blasts to Event Partners.

Tournament Manager Support

The best source for help with the Tournament Manager (TM) Software is the documentation that it comes with. If you have questions or something unexpected occurs, please contact your REC Foundation Manager for assistance.

Event Partner Forums

Join the Event Partner forum and stay up to date on the latest discussions from the EP community.

Note: User must be signed into the VEX Forum or the VEX IQ Forum as an Event Partner to access Event Partner Forums. Contact your REC Foundation Manager for more information.
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