Factory Automation Competition (FAC) Program

The Factory Automation Competition (FAC) is a classroom-based competition that provides students with essential and desirable foundational skills needed for today's advanced manufacturing careers. Students progress from education to workforce and beyond by engaging in hands-on curriculum using the VEX V5 Workcell.

Current Challenge: Pack and Ship

The Factory Automation Competition game, Pack and Ship, is a classroom-based competition where teams will compete to achieve the best Throughput and Run Time at different Competition Phases. Students design, build, and program a manufacturing Workcell to complete the Competition Phase. Participants submit a video of a Production Run to Robotevents.com, and their scores are recorded on a global leaderboard.

Teams from across the world will compete from their classroom to achieve the highest global rank based on their scores at each Competition Phase.

Get Started

Place orders for the VEX V5 Workcell at VEX site. Please note that V5 Workcell purchase includes team registration cost. After purchase, please register your team by creating a robotevents.com account or logging in to an existing account to register a team at robotevents.com/register/teams/ and select VEX Factory Automation Competition Team Registration FAC 2023-2024.

Industry Skills & More

Students learn desirable and applicable robotics manufacturing skills, STEM principles, and soft skills like communication and teamwork.
Manufacturing Skills
STEM Principles

Workforce Development

The REC Foundation aims to improve Workforce Development Education and interest by:
  • Providing a clear path for students to prepare for advanced manufacturing careers
  • Closing manufacturing skills gaps for many employers
  • Preparing the manufacturing workforce for continual career development.
  • Changing the perception of factory automation and manufacturing career.
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