Aerial Drone Competition

Student-Centered Learning

Careers in drones and drone technology are growing rapidly, and students with early and in-depth experience with drones will have a distinct advantage in future careers that rely on the technology.  

The REC Foundation Aerial Drone Competition prepares our youth for these vocations now and in the future by strengthening skills they will rely on, both in the field and around the workplace. Through its uniquely engaging combination of teamwork, problem-solving and communication, the Aerial Drone Competition teaches students these skills all while having fun!

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Four Missions

Teamwork Mission

Drones are piloted by students. Two teams fly together on the same competition field to maximize their score. 

Autonomous Flight Mission

Drone is programmed by students to operate entirely autonomously. Each team competes alone to score as many points as possible.

Piloting Skills Mission

Drone is piloted by students to fly through an obstacle course. Each team competes alone to score as many points as possible.

Communications Mission

Teams interview with Judges about their Drone, Programming and Competition Logbook Documentation

Season Timeline

  • April 2024 - Mission 2025 Season Opens for Team Registration
  • September 10, 2024 - Mission 2025 Competition Rules Released
  • October 2024 - March 2025 - Local Qualifying Events
  • December 13,2024 - Deadline for Team Registration¬†
  • April 2025 - June 2025 - Regional Championships

Mission 2025 is coming in September!

Here is a look back at Mission 2024: Eclipse.

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Field Assembly

Click here to view more RAD Competition videos.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors & Partners

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