VEX GPS Sensor

Install the Game Positioning System (GPS) on your robot

Apply the VEX Field Code to the field interior

Track X, Y Position and Heading on the field


Commercial Global Positioning System (GPS) uses satellite signals and satellite locations to triangulate a position, but not heading. The newly designed VEX GPS uses a patent-pending VEX Field Code to triangulate both position and heading.

How VEX GPS Sensor Works

The Field Code is mounted around the inside perimeter of the VEX field. That checkerboard pattern in the Field Code is used to identify the location for each individual block in that pattern. Like satellites, this creates hundreds of known locations. To sense the Field Code, the VEX GPS sensor, a black and white camera, is mounted on the rear of the robot and facing rearwards. The camera only needs to see about 17” of the code strip to triangulate a position and direction. VEX GPS is an absolute position system, so it does not drift nor does it require calibration on a per-field basis.

How it Applies

Knowing your Robot’s location is critical to path planning algorithms to allow autonomous movement from point to point.
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