Road to VEX Worlds is a weekly series featuring teams on their path to Louisville, Kentucky, on April 20-23, 2016, to compete with 1,000 teams from nearly 30 countries under one roof for one epic celebration as we crown the World Champions!

The RoboCrafters, team 10016S, from Leesburg, Florida, is a team of elementary school brothers, Logan and Lucas, who shared their interest in VEX IQ, Minecraft, and more as they make their second trip to VEX Worlds!

Their strategy this season for Bank Shot has been pretty straight-forward. Specifically, they gather as many balls as they can and dump them into the bucket with their "scoop arm". They make at least two trips and then park on the bottom of the ramp.

When asked about the most unique aspect of their robot, they told us: "It's green! We started last year with an all green robot and wanted to do the same thing this year. It's called the creeper, like in Minecraft."

The fact that they are brothers has made for a lot of flexibility with their schedule and they often meet for a couple of hours a week to work on their robot. Logan and Lucas admit they have faced a few challenges along the way with both the game and each other. They struggled to find the best strategy to collect the balls as they roll in all directions on the field and also worked on getting along with each other!

Last year at VEX Worlds this team of brothers, who both hope to continue to study technology and imagine future careers as programmers or game developers, were thrilled to meet Dave Lavery, NASA Program Executive for Solar System Exploration. Logan and Lucas are hoping to meet Karthik Kanagasabapathy at VEX Worlds 2016!

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