Road to VEX Worlds: Scorpions, Team 6196A, Durango, Durango, Mexico

Road to VEX Worlds is a weekly series featuring teams on their path to Louisville, Kentucky, on April 20-23, 2016, to compete with 1,000 teams from over 35 countries under one roof for one epic celebration as we crown the World Champions!

This week the REC Foundation caught up with the Scorpions, Team 6196A, from Durango, Durango, Mexico who shared with us the highs and lows of the season along with some really great photos. The Scorpions include Fernando, Paola, José, Ricardo, and their coach Julian Rosales.

The Scorpions strived all season to create a robot that could do everything required toIMG_20160123_204713 compete in Nothing But Net this year. They ran into some challenges with motors and ended up modifying one robot the day before a tournament because it had stopped working. However, they carried on and through their perseverance and hard work they actually won the national competition, which positioned them as one of the best middle school teams in Mexico.

At VEX Worlds, they look forward to seeing robots from around the world and look forward to meeting Jason Morrella, President of the REC Foundation, because they value the work he's done to make the VEX Robotics Competition the amazing experience it is today.

In fact, for this team, their involvement in VEX Robotics has helped each of them give a lot of thought to what they would like to do in life and Fernando, Ricardo and Jose all hope to study mechatronics while Paola looks forward to a future in software programming and design.

The team qualified for VEX Worlds when they were crowned Tournament Champions at the National Competition in Aguascalientes, Mexico. To learn more about the Scorpions, visit them on Facebook or YouTube and be sure to visit them at VEX Worlds!

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