Road to VEX Worlds: HMS RoboHillers, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Road to VEX Worlds is a weekly series featuring teams on their path to Louisville, Kentucky, on April 20-23, 2016, to compete with 1,000 teams from nearly 30 countries under one roof for one epic celebration as we crown the World Champions!

The RoboHillers are a first-year VEX IQ Challenge team from Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The season got off to a rocky start, but through much trial and error they were able to pull through to a stunning finish - receiving the Middle School Excellence Award and qualifying for VEX Worlds!

The team is comprised of twenty members, namely: Victoria, Joe, Brandon, Sean, Vincent, Nand, Jakob, Nathan, Liam, Sanzay, Josh, Eric, Aiden, Hritesh, Sreya, Katie, Sankalp, Eric, Kevin and Grace. The team's strategy throughout the competition season has been to empty the cutouts and then to park our robot on the ramp. The team tried a couple of design ideas, that didn't work and the robot malfunctioned during a few of their early matches. But, their persistence paid off and the amount of hard work and dedication each member of the team contributed shows through through their robot!

"When they displayed our name on the board as the winners, I couldn't believe it," said Grace Young, team member. "I will never forget the look of pride on our coaches faces."

Grace adds, "Before starting robotics, I wanted to be a graphic designer. But now, I want to be a software programmer."

The team members each have specific roles on the team and make sure to complete any homework before working on their tasks for the team. Each week, they set aside two hours to meet as a team.

For more information about Team 1715A, visit: RoboHillers

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