REC Foundation Internship Program

Haas Automation, Inc.


Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Summer Internship Program Applications Starting February 2022


Manufacturing Engineering interns will be exposed to the Haas Automation manufacturing process from the ground up on how to build machine tools. Interns will be engaged in many of the operations involved in manufacturing machine tools, such as manufacturing parts, tool design, workflow and even troubleshooting problems. 

Mechanical Engineering Interns will work more on an independent basis under the supervision of a Product Line Manager.

Your internship work is monitored and reviewed closely by a Sr. Engineer, who is also there to advise and answer questions. 

The Engineering intern will work with experienced engineers on various types of projects as assigned.  The intern may work with the Engineering staff to improve and develop work flow and design processes.

During the course of the internship, the intern will be exposed to the many facets of engineering that contribute to the Haas CNC machine.  Additionally, the intern may work in various locations of the Haas factory in order to gain real world machine tools experience.

Interns may be involved in several regularly scheduled employee training programs, besides classroom time spent with your mentoring engineering staff.  All interns will receive performance feedback at the conclusion of the internship.


  • Improve productivity by performing ergonomic evaluations, time studies, simulation, and line balancing
  • Study and improve plant safety
  • Cost analysis
  • Process documentation
  • Capacity utilization analysis
  • Optimize assembly flow and process to minimize People per machine per day
  • Taking inventory
  • Materials inspection
  • Quality control
  • Other Projects as Assigned


Skilled in MS Office, AutoCAD and other analytical and planning tools. Strong analytic and statistic skills, with the ability to work independently and in a team.  


Must have been accepted/enrolled in a 4-year accredited college or university.  Acceptable majors for engineering intern opportunities: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Engineering or a related engineering major. Student must have a 2.75 overall GPA or higher to qualify.

David Rose, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Email:

Tanner Workman, Technical Recruiter, Email:

Oxnard, CA
Length of Internship:
10 weeks
Number Available:
Varies from year to year, but no less than 10
Internship Type:
April 30
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