Inspiration All Stars

Timothy Krispin


Timothy Krispin mentors VEX Robotics Team 24, one of the oldest in the world and one of the few that have attended every VEX World Robotics Championship since the competition’s inception.

Tim’s devotion to his students is best exemplified by the following story.

A parent had brought her child to Tim to “try robotics” as everything else had failed to bring her son out of deep depression. A family tragedy had left her son feeling lost, and he was slow to warm to robotics. The child’s mother said, “oh well, we tried.” Tim asked her to give it another day. She did. 

The young man stuck with the program and continued to grow and improve, so much so that he actually competed in the final match, recovering from a previous loss and leading his team to victory. 

These types of moments are what make this program so special and shines a light on mentors like Tim who go above and beyond for students each and every season. 

Team 24
Coach & Mentor
Reisterstown, Maryland
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