Inspiration All Stars

Richard Mortimore

Mentor of the Year

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, New York Institute of Technology; VEX U 2013 Winner of the Sportsmanship Award – NYIT; VEX U 2015 Winner of the Design Award – NYIT; VEX U 2016 Winner of the Amaze Award – NYIT; VEX U 2016 Winner of the #1 in Skills Challenge – NYIT

In 2011, I pursued my career in Mechanical Engineering at NYIT and wanted to find a concept to use my mechanical background in which I applied them to VEX Robotics. I am very grateful for being nominated for this award, and was actually very surprised! Thank you to all of the teams that I help Mentor each year, and thank you to my family!
Farmingdale High School & New York Institute of Technology
Team 1353; NYIT | The Robodalers & The Bears
New York, USA
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