Inspiration All Stars

Nate Raynor


Nate Raynor teaches multiple REC Foundation Programs at the Mescalero Apache School, a tribally controlled school in Mescalero, New Mexico. He states that “VEX IQ gives Middle School students the opportunity to look into the digital world.” Mr. Raynor is an outstanding mentor to students across the Mescalero Apache reservation, who often recall the inspiration they received from learning robotics and science in Mr. Raynor’s classroom. Additionally, Nate has worked with members of the community to expand the Aerial Drones and Robotics programs to other high schools in the area. 

The Inspiration All Star Award is given to a teacher or mentor who promotes STEM through REC Foundation Programs, demonstrates a passion for robotics, helps students achieve their goals, and gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge on their own terms, which is the definition of Nate Raynor. Mr. Raynor has put Mescalero Apache School on the map for academics. He is both a teacher and a mentor. He is devoted to teaching students about STEM at an early age till they graduate. Students learn the values of hard work, passion, persistence, and integrity from Mr. Raynor. Mr. Raynor is one of the best leaders, mentors, and teachers anyone could ask for, and for that reason he is a 2023 Inspiration All-Star.

Mescalero Apache School
STEM Educator - Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
Las Crucés, New Mexico
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