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Mike Martus


Mike Martus graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1973 and a master's in 1977. He was a vocational educator in the Pontiac school district in Michigan for 37 years. Martus started out doing small engine repair in an industrial arts class but saw the power of STEM and launched the first robotics engineering program in Pontiac. In March 2011, he joined the REC Foundation as a regional support manager for Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Martus was quickly promoted to director of regional operations and was responsible for a third of the U.S. Mike retired from the REC Foundation in 2022.

Throughout Mike’s career, he's been a leading advocate for STEM and project-based learning. Before joining the REC Foundation he was a coach in FRC Team 47 Chief Delphi. While coaching Martus showed the world what robotics could do for students in underserved communities. Chief Delphi was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997 and Mike was awarded the prestigious Woodie Flowers Award.

REC Foundation
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