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Jessica Constant

Inspiration All Star

Jessica Constant has been involved in VEX IQ in Utah since 2016 and has been vital in the growth and success of the program. She was one of the first in her school district to start a VEX IQ program, and has been training and mentoring new coaches and Event Partners since then. Jessica is always willing to share her knowledge, help solve problems, and ensure that the teams and events in her district have the support needed to be successful. In the last 7 years, the number of VEX IQ teams in her school district has grown from a handful to over 200.

Every season, Jessica trains not only Coaches and Event Partners, but also a team of experienced Head Referees, Tournament Manager operators, and Field Technicians who then support all of the events in her district. She works hard to ensure that the students have multiple opportunities to compete so they can go through the engineering process throughout the season to improve their robots, and learn to face challenges and overcome them. In addition to hosting her own events, she supports every event in her district. Jessica spends almost every Saturday from October through March ensuring that the events run smoothly and are fun, educational, and fair for the students attending.

As a STEM teacher and coach, Jessica has had successful teams and produced students who work hard, respect their teammates and competitors, and embrace the engineering process and a growth mindset. Her teams generally achieve the goal of attending VEX Worlds each season but, more importantly, she teaches her students to give back to the community as well. Many of the VEX IQ Head Referees, TM Operators, and other volunteers in Utah are her former students that have learned a love of STEM and the VEX IQ program from her.

Davis School District
VEX IQ Program Manager
Davis County
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