Inspiration All Stars

Eric Davis

Inspiration All-Star

Eric Davis is a consummate STEM leader who for years has empowered parents, teachers, school administrators, volunteers, and leaders of community institutions to embrace and deliver VEX Robotics as a rewarding, reliable resource for young people. He demonstrates that VEX Robotics is an affordable, accessible and reliable gateway activity through which the passions of young minds are brought into all things STEM. Eric’s STEM Center for Excellence (STEMCOE) is planting STEM Gyms in Greater Baltimore as a resource for students, families, community groups, and schools. 

He leverages relationships with leaders in education, human services, community service, development to bring VEX and other STEM opportunities to diverse groups of students. 

Combined with his network of people and institutions, STEM Gyms foster sustainable growth not just for individuals that he and his network pour into, but sustainability also of powerful STEM resources in the neighborhoods, opportunity zones, schools, communities he serves.

Eric inspires.

STEM Center for Excellence
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