Inspiration All Stars

Christy Arthur

Inspiration All-Star

Christy Arthur has been the cornerstone of VEX IQ robotics in Iowa. She started a robotics program in 2016 (Jr Jacket Robotics) with 2 kids on a kitchen table. The program was started because there weren't any robotics programs offered at local schools. Since 2016 Christy has dedicated all of her free time to making sure all kids in our community have the opportunity to learn STEM through VEX IQ Robotics. She has worked with different grant programs to raise funds and has been able to get after school robotics programs started in both public middle schools in town as well as 11 elementary schools.

Christy’s unwavering desire to get robotics to every student in our community without any cost to the students is just inspiring. She is truly an Inspiration All Star!

Jr. Jacket Robotics
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