Inspiration All Stars

Chip Diberardino

Mentor of the Year

BS Electrical Engineering 1984, Virginia Tech; MS Electrical & Computer Engineering 1987, Johns Hopkins University; Robotics Engineer since 1999, General Dynamics Land Systems; Classroom Mentor (since 2006) & VEX Robotics Mentor (since 2008) , Hereford Zone Robotics - Hereford Middle School & High School, Baltimore County Schools, Parkton MD; FIRST Robotics Mentor since 2013, Highland School, Warrenton VA.

I am continually impressed by the creativity, technical abilities and attitude of the robotics students, both in the classroom and the robotics clubs. I am an engineer in the field of robotics a also a STEM mentor. The robotics students and club members gain experience solving the same types of technical challenges as professional engineers. It is exciting to help guide these future engineers and scientists.
Hereford High School
Team 929, 9290 | Hereford Zone Robotics
Maryland, USA
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