Inspiration All Stars

Cari Williams


Cari Williams is a true example of a STEM Inspiration All-Star. As a strong and impactful woman in STEM she has inspired thousands to start and continue pursuing a passion in science, engineering, and computer science.

She currently serves as the Computer Science and Engineering TOSA in Tustin Unified School District in Tustin, California. In the past decade she has started and grown the Tustin Unified school district robotics program immensely. There are currently 57 official competition teams that she directly supports. In addition, she supports over 50 unofficial VEX IQ Competition teams that do not compete in the regular competition season but still gain foundational skills in notebooking, building, and programming. 

Cari is a true STEM role model who has impacted thousands of students and hundreds of teachers. She continues to open opportunities to students from various backgrounds and inspires everyone to achieve all they can. The STEM world is better with Cari Williams in it.

Tustin Unified School District
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