Girl Powered: Team KaBuum 8110B

Rachel from VEX Robotics Competition Team 8110B filled the REC Foundation in on the challenges her team has faced as well as their hopes for the future. Rachel’s team, nicknamed “Team KaBuum," is from Mankato, Minnesota, and she has been a part of the team for two years. 

Rachel’s current coach and teacher inspired her to join a VEX team.

8110B – Team KaBuum (left to right) Andrew, Hunter, Gavin, Holly, Terry, Allanna, Ryan, and Rachel.

“He spoke so enthusiastically about it and it combines topics I am interested in like engineering," she said. As for her future study plans, Rachel explained, “I know my time in robotics will definitely have an influence on my decision and I'm pretty interested in mechanical engineering.”  

Her team has had a successful season so far. "My first year of VEX Robotics my team and I were able to make it to the state tournament in Minnesota which was a crazy and amazing experience,” said Rachel. Of course, it hasn't come without a few struggles. “Our last robot actually had a main axle in the arm break just a little over a week away from our first tournament of the year," said Rachel. "This was very stressful causing us all to work ten times harder and faster to be ready in time for the tournament.” 

When asked about the future, Rachel says, “I look forward to creating memories with my friends that I have made by joining my school's VEX team. I also hope to make it to the state tournament again this year and then hopefully make my first trip to Worlds.”

We caught up with Rachel once more, just after her State Championship early this month to find out how things went. Her team had been working with Team Sierra and the Steel Phoenixes to form a possible alliance partnership when it came time for the elimination rounds. When the alliance came together she remembers feeling a little more confident going into the rest of the event. 

“I'd have to say that wasn't even the biggest surprise of the day. Team KaBuum and I ended up winning the Design Award, which was a huge surprise to us because we had never won it at a regional tournament,” she said. “We were all absolutely thrilled!" 

When asked what she is looking forward to now, Rachel said, “Some of the members from Team KaBuum last year will be making their second consecutive trip to the Worlds Tournament. Their knowledge will help guide the rest of us in preparing for Worlds. We also look forward to creating lifelong memories together as we make the trip to Louisville, Kentucky.”

We wish Rachel, Team KaBuum, and all the teams who qualify a great experience at the VEX Robotics World Championship this April!

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