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The following educational and team resources are designed to provide all the information, support, and educational materials needed for students to better engage with STEM fields and gain the skills needed to join the workforce of tomorrow.

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Schools and organizations that are interested in adopting the world’s largest and fastest growing robotics competitions with the program resources needed to get started.

Girl Powered

Girl Powered is an initiative by the REC Foundation and VEX Robotics supporting equal representation of girls in our robotics programs.

Robotics Curriculum

Tailored curriculum offerings that enable educators to incorporate robotics into classrooms. 


The REC Foundation partners with over 50 organizations, universities, and colleges to offer a program designed to encourage students in our programs to continue their education & pursue careers in STEM.


Our Internship program helps students identify meaningful internship opportunities that put classroom and competition skills to use in today's workforce.

Industry Certifications

The REC Foundation provides two industry certifications for schools and students in engineering-related programs, and robotics clubs. 

Girl Scouts Robotics Badges

The REC Foundation along with the Girl Powered Initiative is proud to partner with Girl Scouts to present the VEX IQ Mia robot kit to engage girls in robotics, science, technology, engineering and math.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association offers students an opportunity to begin networking, explore internships, and access career advice upon graduation.

International Robotics Honor Society

The IRHS recognizes high school students for excellence, not only for their efforts on competitive robotics teams, but for academics, personal character, and community service.

STEM Hall of Fame

Acknowledging the “Inspiration All-Stars” that have  shown true leadership and dedication to the VEX Competition experience each and every day.
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