2023 Online Challenges Winners Announced

Great job to all students from all over the globe who participated in this year's Online Challenges! We are so proud of all the entries we saw and we are excited to share this year's winners. Congratulations to the teams below!

Click the links below to view winning entries.

Theme It Up! Challenge

Career Readiness Challenge

Reverse Engineering Challenge

CAD Engineering Challenge Sponsored by Autodesk

Promote Video Challenge Sponsored by VEX

Girl Powered Challenge Sponsored by Google

Student Advocacy Award

Poster Design Challenge

Photography Challenge

STEM Research Project

Career Readiness

International Robotics Honor Society Service Award

Community Award Sponsored by Google

OnShape Design Challenge

Chinese Cultural Exchange Program Online Challenge

  • VIQC ES Winner: Team 81020A, Beijing Bayi School 北京市八一学校,Beijing 北京 (Video)
  • VIQC ES Finalists: Team 88299E, Youth Science & Technology Center of Beijing, Xicheng 北京市西城区青少年科学技术馆, Beijing 北京 (Video)
  • VIQC ES Finalists: Team 81020B, Beijing Bayi School 北京市八一学校, Beijing 北京 (Video)
  • VIQC ES Finalists: Team 99988A, Easylearnning Robot, Shanghai 上海 (Video)
  • VIQC ES Finalists: Team 66222A, Chuanglekejiao 南京创乐科教,Jiangsu 江苏 (Video)
  • VIQC ES Finalists: Team 6699N, Taiwan Robotics Lab, Chinese Taipei, 台湾 (Video)
  • VRC MS Winner: Team 50009Y, Guangzhou Liwan Children's Palace 广州荔湾青少年宫, Guangdong 广东 (Video)
  • VRC MS Finalists: Team 80088A, Dongfengdong Road Primary School 东风路小学,Guangdong 广东 (Video)
  • VRC HS Winner: Team 81011X, 天津市赛思机器人俱乐部,Tianjin 天津 (Video)
  • VRC HS Finalists: Team 61669P, PTH, Chinese Taipei, 台湾 (Video)
  • VRC HS Finalists: Team 71030H, PNP studio, Guangdong 广东 (Video)
  • VRC HS Finalists: Team 7139B, Beijing Bayi School 北京市八一学校,Beijing 北京 (Video)

MathWorks Follow The Path Online Challenge

VR Challenge

Click here to learn more about the REC Foundation's Online Challenges.

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