Host a Girl Powered Workshop!

Girl Powered Workshops are virtual or in-person events hosted by our community with a goal to engage and inform young women about STEM and robotics opportunities available to them.

Teachers, coaches, Event Partners, and mentors are invited to host anytime in October their own Girl Powered Workshop to honor the International Day of the Girl (October 11, 2023).

Workshop Options

Workshops can be done virtually or in-person to fit your audience, state and local guidelines. Your event may include activities like taking the Girl Powered Pledge, panel discussions, and even a keynote speaker.

  • In-Person Workshops – Held at a local venue such as a school, college, library or community center.

  • Virtual workshops – Facilitated and led via video conferencing applications.

Please note that we ask that you keep attendance of your event by using the Event Sign in Sheet available at Click here.


In-person Activities
Virtual Activities
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