Host a Girl Powered Workshop

Instructions for Event Partners

  1. Login to RobotEvents to register your October Girl Powered Workshop event by September 22, 2023.
  2. Provide your shipping address (US and Canada only) under the Event Partner Payment Address field. Note: Event organizers are responsible for distributing materials to event attendees.
  3. Your Event Engagement Manager will review your registration, and you’ll be notified when it’s approved.
  4. Workshop boxes will be shipped after September 22, 2023, to the address provided in the Event Partner Payment address field.

Instructions for Non-Event Partners

  1. Reference our Support Map to find your local Event Engagement Manager (EEM). They will be shown under the event Inquiries heading.
  2. Email your Event Engagement Manager with your Girl Powered Workshop event request.
  3. Your REC Foundation Event Engagement Manager will connect with you on next steps.

Workshop Options

Workshops can be done virtually or in-person to fit your audience, state, and local guidelines. Your event may include activities like taking the Girl Powered Pledge, panel discussions, and even a keynote speaker.

  • In-Person Workshops – Held at a local venue such as a school, college, library or community center.
  • Virtual workshops – Facilitated and led via video conferencing applications.

Please note that we ask that you keep attendance of your event by using the Event Sign in Sheet available here.

We expect you to complete a Post-Event Survey in November and this year, we will have a drawing prize for survey participants. Stay tuned!

Resource Materials

Girl Powered Communications Guidelines

  • Assets – Templates for Girl Powered Pledge, Event Planning Checklist, Press Release, Fundraising Letter, Speaker Invite Letter, Event Day Sign In Sheet, and a Post-event Thank you Letter
  • Activities – Ideas for in person and virtual events
  • Girl Powered Flier – templates for digital and printable formats.

To access them all, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the $5 fee for my Girl Powered Workshop be waived?
A: Yes! The Event Engagement Manager should waive the $5 fee when they approve the event (assuming the event is free)!

Q: What if I am charging a fee for my event? Will the $5 fee be waived?
A: If you are collecting fees for your event, the $5 fee will not be waived.

Q: Who will be able to receive the marketing boxes?
A: The criteria is the following:

  1. The event must take place during the month of October 2023
  2. The event must be approved by the Event Engagement Manager
  3. The event must have a shipping address (which will be the Event Partner Payment Address) that is in the United States or Canada.
  4. The event must be posted and approved by September 22, 2023. If an event is approved after September 22, 2023, it will not receive a box (even if there are less than 150 events that meet the criteria listed).
  5. The event must be one of the first 150 approved meeting these criteria

Q: How many attendees can the marketing boxes support?
A: There will be enough materials for 25 attendees!

Q: What is included in the free celebratory boxes?
A: Cool Girl Powered swag including scrunchies, wristbands, new stickers, and tattoos for up to 25 attendees.

Q: What if I am hosting before or after October? Do I still receive a box?
A: We appreciate your support in Girl Powered! However, boxes will only be shipped for events hosted in October.

Q: How can I host an event virtually?
A: You can host virtually with video conferencing platforms by having a panel discussion, keynote speaker, or do Girl Powered Activities. There are some options for (virtual) Girl Powered activities at under the activities tab.

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