The Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Partner to Offer Greater Academic and Professional Support for Young Women

The partnership will give girls greater access to robotics and drones for education, scholarships, and workforce opportunities

October 16, 2023

Greenville, TX – October 11, 2023 – To celebrate the International Day of the Girl, The Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) today announced a partnership that will create greater access to hands-on learning, mentorship, scholarships, and workforce opportunities in robotics and drone programming for young women from grade school through post-college professional development. With aligned goals, both organizations are working to provide girls the skills to advance academically and professionally through a supportive community to inspire current and future generations of women engineers.

The purpose of the partnership is to build a stronger community of support for young women in STEM by including SWE members in REC Foundation programs including VEX Robotics Competitions, Aerial Drones Competitions, and Girl Powered Initiatives.

VEX Robotics Competitions is the largest and fastest growing middle school and high school robotics program globally with more than 30,000 teams from 80 countries playing in over 2,900 competitions worldwide. Girls in the Society of Women Engineers community will also have access to the Aerial Drone Competition, an exciting educational drone sporting event that focuses on hands-on, student-centered learning where teams learn about drone flight programming, flying principles, and related career opportunities.

The Girl Powered program offers students the opportunity to attend workshops, which provide an environment where girls can explore robotics at their own pace, offering them tools to help them succeed. Additionally, various scholarships and internship options will be available to pursue. 

“This new partnership reinforces our common goal to increase the number of women engineers,'' said Dan Mantz, CEO of the REC Foundation. “Our complementary programming and events give students and young professionals in our communities critical access to resources and networking connections to further develop the necessary skills that will positively impact their futures,” said Mantz said.

Girls participating in REC Foundation programs will have the opportunity to join the SWENEXT clubs across the country. This program gives girls up to age of 18 an opportunity to further develop leadership skills and confidence through hands-on learning, mentorships, and related resources to become successful engineers.

“Giving young women more access to hands-on STEM opportunities is vital to help them develop a STEM identity,” said Karen Horting, Executive Director and CEO of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).  “Through our partnership with the REC Foundation, we will expand our ability to showcase robotics and drone technology and provide access to the accompanying educational tools to foster their interest in these innovative fields.”

About the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation

The Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation is a global organization dedicated to increasing student engagement in science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science (STEM) by engaging students in hands-on, curriculum-based robotics and drones programs. Through comprehensive programs encompassing competitions, education, and workforce readiness, the foundation empowers educators to inspire and equip students for success. The REC Foundation strives to create a future where every student designs and innovates as part of a team, overcomes failure, perseveres, and emerges confident in their ability to meet global challenges. Through sustainable and affordable curriculum-based robotics programs, the REC Foundation is inspiring students, one robot at a time.

About Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), founded in 1950, is the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. The not-for-profit educational and service organization is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women. To ensure SWE members reach their full potential as engineers and leaders, the Society offers unique opportunities to network, provides professional development, shapes public policy and provides recognition for the life-changing contributions and achievements of women engineers. As a champion of diversity, SWE empowers women to succeed and advance in their personal and professional lives. For more information about the Society, please visit

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