Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Girl Powered is a movement, but it's not one that begins and ends with competitive robotics. It's a mentality you put into your life arsenal and apply the tools learned to your everyday experiences. If Girl Powered isn’t adopted by all genders, it won’t be successful, it's about showing support for all and working towards giving everyone the same opportunities.

Think about your female mentors, teammates, friends, cousins, sisters, mothers or grandmothers. Do you want them to have the same options that men do?

Gender equality isn’t a new subject, it’s something that we all see on a day to day basis whether we recognize it or not. From the toys you played with as a child, to the tasks you were given growing up and even the role models you met along the way.

Through Girl Powered, we are shining a spotlight on women - who are undeniably a minority in the STEM field. We are encouraging these girls to embrace the known truth that we are all capable of the same things regardless of any other factors. Women are talented, women are needed and women deserve to be equal.

Every piece of the puzzle matters. Take your robot for instance. If you didn’t have any motors, could your robot move? If you didn’t have any screws, would everything fall apart? The answer to both is yes. There are pieces that complete the robot, and if they didn’t exist, or didn’t know they should exist in this world - it just wouldn’t work.

Everyone warrants the spotlight and a chance to be seen, you all matter. All movements require togetherness and no one can accomplish a single goal on their own.

- Katie Kroncke

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