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How do teams register for an event?

Teams can register for an event on Only the team contacts in RobotEvents can register a team for an event. Once the team contact is logged in, then they can follow the steps below to register for an event:

First Event: The team contact can select the “Register” button on the event page to register for their first event. Select the “Pay Later” option in the Checkout process. The REC Foundation will mark your team as paid for your first event.

Second Event: Teams that would like to register for an additional qualifying event will need to add themselves to the event Waitlist. If there is capacity, the REC Foundation will add your team to the event.  Priority will be given to first-event teams. When added to the event, teams will need to pay the $500 event registration fee in using an approved PO, credit card, or check (not included in the initial team registration).

November 3 Scrimmage Event: Teams that wish to participate in the November 3 scrimmage event at the University of Texas at Arlington will need to add themselves to the event Waitlist. Teams should register for their first Qualifying Event before adding themselves to the Scrimmage Waitlist. This event will be free to teams. This event does not include any qualifying spots or judged awards.

Questions: If you have any questions regarding registering for events, please contact your Bell AVR Regional Support Manager, Shelli Brasher:

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